On July 19 2019 the following plugins were updated:

Plugins updated

  • Advanced Custom Fields (upgraded to 5.8.2)
    • Fix – Fixed bug where validation did not prevent new user registration.
    • Fix – Fixed bug causing some “reordered” metaboxes to not appear in the Gutenberg editor.
    • Fix – Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG field with delayed initialization to appear blank.
    • Fix – Fixed bug when editing a post and adding a new tag did not refresh metaboxes.
    • Dev – Added missing $value parameter in “acf/pre_format_value” filter.
  • Central Color Palette (upgraded to 1.13.10)
    • Added “Clear Color” cell to the picker of the classic editor when only using the palette
    • Fixed unset variable warning when saving an empty palette (thanks to @cadiz)
    • Fixed syntax error for older PHP versions
  • Enable Media Replace (upgraded to 3.3.1)
    • Check if medium size !> 400px, display that one, otherwise smallest.
    • Fixed: Links not updated when using Advanced Custom Fields
    • Fixed: Fails silently when file is too big for upload
    • When source file does not exist, show placeholder instead of failed image load
    • Fixed: Fatal error when replacing images
    • Fixed: Not the right time zone on replace
    • Fixed Beaver Builder incompatibility by not allowing replace with rename.
    • Fixed: Cannot replace non default WordPress file types, even those allowed to upload [ Media Library Assistant compat ]
    • Fixed: error when trying to remove a file that doesn’t exist – because the files are actually on another server
  • Query Monitor (upgraded to 3.3.6)
    • Fix a compatibility issue where QM and the fatal error protection in WordPress 5.2+ were handling syntax errors differently.
    • Fix some bugs with the icons for the panel controls.
  • The Events Calendar Shortcode & Block (upgraded to 2.2.0)
    • Compatibility fixes with Divi
  • Gravity View (upgraded to 2.3.2)
    • Added: A new Result Number field and {sequence} Merge Tag
    • Added: {date_updated} Merge Tag (see all GravityView Merge Tags)
    • Added: Option to output all CSV entries, instead of a single page of results
    • Fixed: Settings compatibility issues on Multisite
    • Fixed: CSV output for address fields contained Google Maps link
    • Fixed: When editing an entry in Gravity Forms, clicking the “Cancel” button would not exit edit mode
    • Fixed: Some fatal errors when Gravity Forms is deactivated while GravityView is active
    • Fixed: Search All Fields functionality with latest Gravity Forms

On July 19, 2019, there was an update to the Emily Theme.

Protected Pages

The update includes a new page template that can be set to only be visible to users with a valid GatorLink account. This means that websites now have the capability to have forms be filled out by only valid GatorLink accounts. If you would like this feature added to your website, feel free to contact us.

Other changes include:

  • Font style changes to third level headings
  • Security updates

On July 12th 2019 the following plugins were updated:

  • Content Aware Sidebars (updated to 3.8.2)
    • Added: wordpress 5.2 support
    • Updated: freemius sdk
    • Updated: ui improvements
  • Duplicate Posts (updated to 3.2.3)
    • Fixes incompatibility with previous versions of CF7
    • Now roles without edit_posts capability but having equivalent capability for custom post types can be allowed to copy
    • Small other fixes to bugs that could lead to incompatibilities with WPML and others
  • Gravity Forms (updated to 2.4.11)
  • Remove Category URL (updated to 1.1.4)
    • Update Fix WPML
  • Rotating Tweets (updated to 1.9.9)
    • [Security Update] Adds rel='noopener' to _blank links
  • The Events Calendar (updated to 4.9.4)

On Friday June 21st, 2019 the following plugins were updated:

  • Enable Media Replace (Updated to 3.3.1)
    • Fix error class not found on WPEngine
  • The Events Calendar (Updated to
    • Fix – Prevent issue where older versions of the tribe-common libraries could be bootstrapped [129478]
    • Fix – Add Promoter PCSS file so that the proper CSS will be generated on package build [129584]

If you experience any issues with these plugins, please contact us for assistance.

On Friday June 14th, 2019 the following plugins were updated:

  • Collapse-O-Matic (Updated to 1.7.11)
    • Added swaptitle capability to extra triggers
  • Gravity Forms (Updated to 2.4.10)
    • Added the Form block to the editor
    • Added various bug fixes
  • Insert Pages (Updated to 3.4.6)
    • Respect quicktag in excerpt and excerpt-only displays (in normal insert method).
    • Add a custom quicktag in excerpt and excerpt-only displays (in normal insert method). Excerpt can be trimmed to anything between and quicktags.
  • Redirection (Updated to 4.3.1)
    • Fix + character being removed from source URL
  • The Events Calendar (Updated to
    • Fix – Remove caching of rewrite base slugs which make third-party, Photo and Week work as expected [129035]
    • Tweak – Adjust newsletter signup submission destination [129034]

If you experience any issues with these plugins, please contact Media Services for assistance.


On June 14, 2019 there will be a small update done to the Emily Theme. The following items will be updated:

  • Fixes to the archive page
  • Extra options added to the WordPress customizer
  • Fixes to the footer and menus
  • Improvements to accessibility
  • Improvements to security