Adding Columns to a Page

Shortcodes allow you to define exactly what content is included in a column. These are short pieces of text that indicate where the effect will start and where it will end.

Step 1:

Place your cursor where you’d like the first column to begin. It’s a good idea to make a new line.

Step 2:

Click on the Column Shortcode Icon above the Visual editor toolbar.


Screenshot of add column icon

Step 3:

Click the icon for the desired column size.

Screenshot of column selection

The editor will insert the correct shortcodes depending on your column size. For example: a two-column layout will use

Screenshot of shortcode

Step 4:

Now that you know the shortcode for that column size, cut and paste the end shortcode where the column should end. For a three-column layout, the end code is [/one_half]. Tip: You may want to switch from Visual to the Text tab to view the HTML.

The final result should look like this in Text mode:

Screenshot of finished columns