Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide pages that shouldn’t be public yet?

Pages are visible only if their status is ‘Published’. In the Pages section, you can you hide them from the public by changing the status to Draft until they are ready.

If you want to change which pages appear in the menu, you can edit that under Appearances > Menus. and add, remove, or rename items.

Can I add a plugin to my site?

Due to security reasons, the the plugins panel is disabled for site administrators, but CLAS IT can still install and activate plugins for specific sites.

To request a new plugin, fill out the service request form and send a link to the download page. Also, include a description of what it will do for your site. Plugins will need to be reviewed for compatibility before they can be installed.

How do I make a post or page link to another page or web site?

Find the post in the dashboard and click ‘Edit’. In the Edit Post screen, scroll down to the Page Links To section.

Change the selection from ‘Its normal WordPress URL’ to ‘An alternate URL’. Next, type in the web address of the link.

To link to a page on your own site, use the relative path. For example to link to the Help and How-to page (, the alternate URL would be ‘/tutorials’.

What types of files can I upload? What is the maximum file size limit?

  • Images: jpg, png, gif
  • Documents: Adobe Reader (pdf), Microsoft Word (doc, docx), PowerPoint (ppt, pptx), Excel (xls, xlsx), zip
  • Audio: mp3, mov, avi, wmv

The maximum upload file size is 12MB.