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Plugin Update August 2

On August 2nd, 2019 the following plugins were updated:

Plugins updated

  • Enable Media Replace (Updated to 3.3.5)
    • Fix Replace button on the MediaLibrary image details popup
  • Google Maps Widget (Updated to 4.16)
    • changed name from Google Maps Widget to Maps Widget for Google Maps
    • removed old trial code
  • List category posts (Updated to 0.81)
    • Adds “” to the “…” in pagination.
    • Adds ‘current_user’ as an option to the author_posts parameter to list posts from logged in user.
  • Nested Pages (Updated to 3.1.2)
    • Adds filter to role capabilities (for adding items to customized admin menus with custom capabilities).
  • Page Links To (Updated to 3.1.2)
    • Customizer bug fix
  • Post Expirator (Updated to 2.4.0)
    • Fix: Fixed PHP Error with PHP 7.
  • The Events Calendar (Updated to 4.9.5)
    • Tweak – Update redirection URLs for Freemius actions [130281]
    • Fix – Location filtering for Context class moved out of construct, resolving lots of navigation problems across The Events Calendar [130754]
    • Fix – Featured event AJAX and browser navigation working as expected for all use cases. [127272]
    • Fix – Shortcode properly handling featured param on AJAX requests. [114002]
    • Fix – Remove removing wpautop for gutenberg blocks to fix spacing when content comes from classic editor. [122801]
    • Language – 4 new strings added, 16 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted