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Plugin Update August 23

On August 23rd, 2019 the following plugins were updated:

Plugins updated

  • Advanced Custom Fields (Upgraded to 5.8.3)
    • Tweak – Changed Options Page location rules to show “page_title” instead of “menu_title”.
    • Fix – Fixed bug causing Textarea field to incorrectly validate maxlength.
    • Fix – Fixed bug allowing Range field values outside of the min and max settings.
    • Fix – Fixed bug in block RegExp causing some blocks to miss the “acf/pre_save_block” filter.
    • Dev – Added $block_type parameter to block settings “enqueue_assets” callback.
    • i18n – Added French Canadian language thanks to Bérenger Zyla.
    • i18n – Updated French language thanks to Bérenger Zyla.
  • Content Aware Sidebars (Upgraded to 3.9.0)
    • Added: 1-click activation in widget area list screen
    • Added: categories and search in dropdown for display condition types
    • Added: minimum wordpress version 4.6
    • Updated: ui improvements
    • Updated: wp-content-aware-engine library
    • Updated: wp-db-updater library
    • Updated: wp-pointer-tour library
    • Fixed: activation datepicker now shows time format from settings (12/24h)
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (Upgraded to 5.3.9)
    • Fixes conflict with WordFence
  • Nested Pages (Upgraded to 3.1.3)
    • Updates nesting interface to use an indented style. To revert to the previous format, visit Settings > Nested Pages and select the checkbox titled “Use the classic (non-indented) hierarchy display.”
    • Fixes bug where submenus were being removed after saving a new admin menu customization and reordering the item.
    • Enhances translation capabilities by replacing hardcoded strings with proper I18n functions.
  • The Events Calendar (Upgraded to 4.9.7)
    • Tweak – Update Lodash version on Block editor to prevent any possibility of a security issue with the package. From v4.17.11 to v4.17.15 [131421]
    • Tweak – Add filter ‘tribe_events_js_config’ to allow filtering the contents of the Javascript configuration [132567]
    • Tweak – Updates to the shortcode Javascript code to allow disabling the URL manipulation behavior [132567]
    • Fix – Prevent mascot image to get blown up out of proportions to a larger size on buggy CSS loading. [131910]
    • Language – 3 new strings added, 191 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted