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Plugin Update December 13

On December 13, 2019 the following plugins were updated:

Plugins updated

  • Central Color Palette (Upgraded to 1.14.2)
    • Fixed support for Elementor’s new color picker
    • Added support for Suki Theme
    • Fixed broken sprintf for alpha checkboxes
  • Duplicate Post (upgraded to 3.2.4)
    • Options to show original item in post list (in a column or alongside post states) or in a metabox in the edit screen
    • Accessibility improvements
    • Small other fixes
  • Google Analytics Dashboard (upgraded to 5.3.10)
    • Adds ability for users to apply to be the first to try new features
    • Compatibility fixes for the newly released PHP 7.4 version.
  • Query Monitor (upgraded to 3.5.2)
    • Add support for exposing Full Site Editing blocks in the Block Editor panel.
  • Redirection (upgraded to 4.5.1)
    • Add HTTP header feature, with x-robots-tag support
    • Move HTTPS setting to new Site page
    • Add filter to disable redirect hits
    • Add ‘Disable Redirection’ option to stop Redirection, in case you break your site
    • Fill out API documentation
    • Fix style with WordPress 5.4
    • Fix encoding of # in .htaccess
  • Visual Composer (upgraded to 23.0.0)
    • New: Google Fonts search and preview in TinyMCE editor
    • Update: Settings panel width reduced in size to see the settings and content
    • Fix: Using a proper wp-admin URL for staging sites
    • Fix: Admin panel notices displayed properly
    • Fix: Fontawesome categories and search works properly
    • Fix: Background image radius works properly
    • Fix: Animation effect works properly in Firefox
  • The Events Calendar (upgraded to 4.9.13)
    • Tweak – Allow Event Aggregator date refinements for Eventbrite source.
    • Language – 29 new strings added, 201 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted
  • WP Pusher (upgraded to 3.0.0)