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Plugin Update January 3

On January 3, 2020 the following plugins were updated:

Plugins updated

  • Gravity Forms (Upgraded to 2.4.16)
    • Added security enhancements.
    • Added the gform_form_summary filter.
    • Added the gform_form_switcher_forms filter.
    • Added performance enhancement: updated the gform_version_info option so autoload is disabled.
    • Updated the minimum version of WordPress required for support to 5.2.
    • Fixed an issue where merge tags used in the placeholder setting of drop down fields are not being processed.
    • Fixed an issue where PHP notices thrown in PHP 7.4 when Stripe add-on is enabled.
    • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Form block and WPGraphQL Gutenberg.
    • Fixed a JavaScript error which can occur in the form editor when trying to edit a field which has been populated with integer based choices via a form object filter.
    • Fixed PHP 7.4 compatibility issues. Credit: The Gravity PDF team.
    • Fixed some untranslatable strings for the form and entry locking features. Credit: The GravityView team.
    • Fixed an issue with the styles for the active/inactive toggle in the admin.
    • Fixed an issue where the conditional shortcode can output content when using an ends_with 0 rule and the value does not match. Credit: The Gravity PDF team.
    • Fixed a typo in the address field’s country subfield for the Brunei Darussalam choice.
    • Fixed the form block and widget not centering when using the Twenty Twenty theme.
    • Fixed an issue with the US/Canada phone field type not validating correctly when the no duplicates feature is enabled.
    • Fixed the form widget not suppressing the tabindex by default.
    • Fixed a PHP notice for $phpmailer->ErrorInfo in certain sites where a third-party plugin or custom function could be altering the $phpmailer object.
    • Fixed the front-end merge tag replacement returning values for fields in sections hidden by conditional logic.
    • Fixed an issue where gform_input_change filter doesn’t pass correct values for its parameters.
    • Fixed styling conflict between Ready Classes and the Signature Add-on field.
    • Fixed the password field using the password strength feature throwing a false validation error in some multi-page form configurations.
    • Fixed an issue where spaces at the beginning of a consent field’s label can trigger false validation errors on a multi-page form if the field is marked as required.
    • Fixed the password visibility toggle being clickable when editing form.
    • AF: Fixed a database error which could occur when uninstalling a payment add-on which does not support callbacks.
    • API: Fixed an issue with GFAPI::get_feeds() and the GET gf/v2/feeds and GET/PUT/DELETE gf/v2/feeds/[feed_id] endpoints where feeds cannot be updated or deleted correctly.
    • API: Fixed an issue with GFAPI::update_forms_property() which can result in updating the wrong forms.
    • API: Fixed the gravity_form() function not suppressing the tabindex by default.
  • Redirection (Upgraded to 4.6.1)
    • Back-compatibility fix for old PHP versions