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Plugin Update July 12

On July 12th 2019 the following plugins were updated:

  • Content Aware Sidebars (updated to 3.8.2)
    • Added: wordpress 5.2 support
    • Updated: freemius sdk
    • Updated: ui improvements
  • Duplicate Posts (updated to 3.2.3)
    • Fixes incompatibility with previous versions of CF7
    • Now roles without edit_posts capability but having equivalent capability for custom post types can be allowed to copy
    • Small other fixes to bugs that could lead to incompatibilities with WPML and others
  • Gravity Forms (updated to 2.4.11)
  • Remove Category URL (updated to 1.1.4)
    • Update Fix WPML
  • Rotating Tweets (updated to 1.9.9)
    • [Security Update] Adds rel='noopener' to _blank links
  • The Events Calendar (updated to 4.9.4)